15 June 2009

The Minnesota Vikings are sending representatives to check out Brett Favre.  Why, are we wasting more time pursuing this man?  He is a empty bucket with little incentive for the

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9 June 2009

Today wasn’t anything particularly special.  I woke up at 8:00a.m., a full hour after my alarm went off, not awesome.  Turned on the TV to see more Brett Favre.  His face, his grizzle and red jersey.  It seems that all the footage of Brett playing in Packer colors has been wiped off the face of the earth.  

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8 June 2009

cted that a man of caliber would stoop to such depths.  No playing campaign with the Minnesota Vikings will validate your 16 year career with the Green Bay Packers.  Unless you join the

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30 May 2009

Does anyone believe the Minnesota Vikings wouldn't be better with Brett Favre?  Of course some do but I don't, his pre-madonna motivation to reign the Vikings to a Superbowl simply to spite his former GM is going to carry him far enough.  That type of attitude isn't for the

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