23 June 2009

Deciding to sit among baseball fans, I wanted to be in the competitive environment of a major league stadium.  My fraternity brothers are eclectic and both sides of the boarder.  Wisconsinites mingle freely on Minnesota soil.  I sat down just in time to see nervous eyed Carlos Gomez bat lead off. 

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11 June 2009


Twins you’ve shown back up to play baseball, thank you.  I am getting excited if we can string together 4 wins and dominate the Cubs.  

Joe Nathan has been nothing but spectacular as he picked up his 13th save of the season.  I can’t imagine what he could do on a team that gave tons of runs.  

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6 June 2009

Turning on Sportscenter and seeing a Twins story mentioned brightens my day.  It reminds Minnesotans that we are not forgotten in the quiet AL Central.  It’s good when they talk about our winning and not just the new stadium.  That stadium will make us famous next year regardless of our record.  

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3 June 2009

the first game of 14 game block the twins have embarked.  When he takes the mound in any game Twins fans settle a little back into their seats. Suddenly the Metrodome doesn’t seem so ugly or cold when Nathan is pitching.  The Minnesotan accents retreat and we start to sound a little like New Yorkers;  over confident and coarse.  Our nice is replaced with cocky.  

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14 January 2009

With just a month to go before pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training, the Twins have been very quiet so far this off-season.  Despite attempts to add a veteran third baseman and bolster the bullpen, the only move they've made at the Major League level has been the signing of Nick Punto to a two-year contract.  While many

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1 October 2008

Outstanding pitching by John Danks and a solo home run by Jim Thome eliminated the Twins from playoff contention last night in a one-game tiebreaker with the Chicago White Sox.  Although the lose ended the season for Minnesota, a lot of positives can be taken from the 2008 campaign.

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1 September 2008

It's Labor Day in America and for some reason, the Twins are off.  In the old days, the team would be playing a scheduled double header.  Alas, I digress.  I suppose even millionaire ballplayers deserve the day off.  After all, they are union members.

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4 August 2008

what is turning out to be a memorable season.  After knocking on the door for a few weeks, the Twins have overtaken the Chicago White Sox for first place in the AL Central. 

During Spring Training, I imagined that the

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2 August 2008

o one thinks that was a ploy to move things closer to a forfeitted game? They didnt show any of the Twins players faces, but i know some had to be laughing. And im willing to bet Gardy was laug

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1 July 2008

The 2008 Twins Season was bumping along much as I had anticipated until about two weeks ago.  Then this young team went on a tear and won 13 of 15 games.  I was shocked.  Despite an inexperienced rotation, a slew of new position players and Michael Cuddyer being injured for much of the year, the

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28 April 2008

Twenty-five games into the 2008 MLB Season, the Twins have an 11 and 14 record.  With a young starting rotation and several new position players, this is about what you might expect.  I don't expect any major changes to this team during the course of the season, so I think the club will continue to scuffle along in roughly the same way through the rest of year.

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3 April 2008

Where, oh where has the hitting gone...

The Twins found a pitcher last night. Nick Blackburn, in his first major league start, went seven innings, struck out six, walked one, and gave up only one run.

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25 March 2008

The Minnesota Twins served notice to the rest of the American League that they believe they'll be competitive sooner, rather than later, by signing Joe Nathan to a four-year deal worth $47 million.  The deal runs through 2011 with the club holding a $12 million dollar option for 2012.

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24 March 2008

The end of Spring Training and the start of the season are looming, and the Twins have been making some moves. The big news over the weekend involved pitching. Glen Perkins was optioned to the minors, Liriano pitched four shutout innings and kept some hope of being on the major league roster alive.

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With a week to go before opening day, the Twins roster seems to be pretty much set.  There were a few minor surprises but for the most part, the usual suspects will be heading north this coming weekend.

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14 March 2008

One thing Twins fans have been looking for in spring training is for one of the pitchers to step up and lay claim to the title of number one starter, a position that is wide open after the departure of Johan Santana. Most of the

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10 March 2008

The Twins have been in camp for a couple of weeks now and things seem to be going pretty much as one might expect.  There's been some mild surprises and some minor disappointments but overall, things seem to be progressing nicely.  Really, I think this is what you want; a nice, uneventful camp.

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Sunday's spring training game against the Yankees was televised here in Minneapolis, so some Twins fans got their first chance to see the team play this year. Here's a few observations from watching the game.

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12 February 2008

desperate need of a pitcher in the starting rotation old enough to shave more than once a week, the Twins have signed Livan Hernandez to a one-year, 5 million dollar deal. In a free-agent market that includes little in the way of first-rate pitchers, Hernandez could be the best the

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15 January 2008

f news items over the weekend that show that Spring Training, at least, is on its way.

First, the Twins, as they are accustomed to doing, signed a couple of veteran pitching projects for their Spring training roster. Zach Day is a right-handed pitcher who underwent rotator cuff surgery in 2006 and pitched last year for the Kansas City Royals Omaha Triple-A team. Randy Keisler is a lefty who started three games last year for the St Louis Cardinals with a 5.19 ERA. Both pitchers are probably long-shots to make the team, but for the

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3 January 2008

Well, not a lot of exciting things going on right now in Twins land. The possible trade of Johan Santana is currently on hold, though there are plenty of rumours going around. Let's assume, though, for the fun of it, that Santana is traded, and that the trade brings the

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26 December 2007

At the same time, dismissing the chances of a Red Sox/Twins trade serves the double purpose of trying to manipulate the Twins into thinking the only choice they have is to take whatever the Yankees are willing to offer.

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18 December 2007

l of Fame?" Every team's fans have their own list of who's been unfairly left out, for Twins' fans the two names that are usually the first to be brought up are Tony Oliva and Bert Blyleven. You can make arguments for and against either one. It looks now, though, like it's been too long for Oliva to have a chance, but Bert still might make it in through a vote of the Veteran's Committee.

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