Rich Martin's Minnesota Twins Extended Profile

Who am I?

I'm a former Minnesotan who's lived and died with the Twins and Vikings.
I've lived in Los Angeles for 20 years now but my team loyalties haven't lessened.
I'm a longtime journalist who's worked on more than a dozen newspapers, trade publications and Web sites. I've covered some huge stories, including the killing of the mayor of Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, at a City Council meeting in 1986.
I taught English as a Peace Corps volunteer in South Korea in 1977 and 1978.
I've free-lanced many articles and have been trying to sell novels and screenplays.

Brief description

I'm a lover of sports who sees it as the only place where talent and merit win.

Email address

Mobile telephone

(323) 317-8443


classical rock, hiking, politics and literature, reading history, Sports (of course), travel., writing


a good book, a great trip, beer, my teams, smart and sexy women., The outdoors, writing with passion


bad bosses, guys with pathological rage about little things., people who've had it too easy, poor English, Shallowness, stupidity





Company / Institution

Los Angeles Times

Job Title


Job Description

Take call-in sports scores and write up stories, post files and do other Web work, put up photos using PhotoShop.

I would like to ...

Sell my novels and screenplays; find a soulmate; connect with an audience over shared passions.

Level of Education

Master's degree in journalism from Iowa State U.

High School

Mounds View, St. Paul

University / College

Carleton College



Main Skills

Writing clearly and concisely; editing; navigating the Web; reporting accurately about what's happened; researching.

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