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I am an avid Minnesota sports fan. The energy of watching our teams win and lose keeps me glued to the Tv at all hours. Sportscenter at midnight, PTI at 4, Around the Horn at 5, and I'm set for the day. There is more invested in my soul to Minnesota sports than my Minnesota education. Go Gophers but honestly, I would die if professional sports were to end.

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Jason Kubel's White Rocket posted on 06/25/2009

The Minnesota Twins and Milwaukee Brewers are locked in a border battle of non-epic proportions.  Compared to the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox rivalry, we are the two douche-bags on the play ground yelling about an ill-advised Magic the Gathering card throw.  

Unfortunately for them, the Yankee’s and Red Sox’s players are tainted with steroids over the past decade so our border battle is pure like Columbian Cocaine right off the plane in Miami.  

Last night Nick Blackburn lost a game that wasn’t his fault.  He is looking like the Ace the Twins need for the future and yet the runs didn’t support him.  Jason Kubel hit his 13th homer which keeps his 3rd place behind Justin Morneau and Joe Mauer.  Watching Jason Kubel hit home runs is like watching Lumberjack days.  He just cuts down trees to blast balls covering the fans with his white rocket.  

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Twin’s Verse Brewers 1st Inning Minnesota Experience posted on 06/23/2009

Deciding to sit among baseball fans, I wanted to be in the competitive environment of a major league stadium.  My fraternity brothers are eclectic and both sides of the boarder.  Wisconsinites mingle freely on Minnesota soil.  I sat down just in time to see nervous eyed Carlos Gomez bat lead off. 

Listening to my friends I sat in a room of Wisconsinites and Minnesotans. Bets flared, cases of beer and keg cups were bartered before anyone even got up off the couch.  College students don’t have much to offer for bets except alcohol and $5.  Miller High Life is the request of the Wisconsinites and Coors is for the Minnesotans.  Well anything that doesn’t support Wisconsin is a beer of choice.

The conversation shifted to who has a better ball park.  Target Field verse Miller Park (We all pretend the Metrodome isn’t real) The home run porch verse the chance to have balconies like the Chicago stadium.  Unresolved, we watch the bats of the first inning.  Little excitement until we see a strike 3 pitch in the dirt that advances a runner.  “Hooray, an All-Star catcher like Joe Mauer wouldn’t error like that!” Ruckas becomes the norm in a fraternity.  We live out loud.    

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Brett Favre Should Find His Sofa Groove, The NFL Groove Is Gone! posted on 06/15/2009

The Minnesota Vikings are sending representatives to check out Brett Favre.  Why, are we wasting more time pursuing this man?  He is a empty bucket with little incentive for the Vikings to follow.  

He isn’t a great quarterback.  He is average and now injury-ridden.  It is up to Vikings management to make sure that the organization doesn’t pay a dime more than he worth. 

His “fame” and name shouldn’t blind the Vikings to what is the real problem.  What Favre will show up to play for the Vikings? Will be be the 2007 Brett Favre that had a 13-3 season or will he be the disgruntled Brett Favre that left the Packers and Jets? 

He has more questions than answers at this moment.  How is his shoulder, will he even be the type of person that people respect anymore? Does the blue collar plumber from northern Minnesota still identify with Brett Favre or has Brett become the type of pansy that even white collar men have lost respect for?  

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Minnesota Twin's Joe Nathan & Jason Kubel Defeat Oakland Athletics posted on 06/11/2009

The Twinkies seem solid.  The 10 year life shelf of real Twinkies in the grocery store doesn’t work with our ball club.  They flash good and bad at anytime.  They might make on the shelf for about 2 days then implode.  Yet with 10 runs they are undefeated.  

The Minnesota twins are 8-0 when they score more than 10 runs.  I wish I could except that every night.  If the team hit like Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau I could expect it but unfortunately we have 7 other batters in the line up.  

Jason Kubel lifted his game in this road series.  The Athletics didn’t seem as dominate as he changed the game with his home-run in the 7th.  Alexi Casilla did his job by getting on base and scoring the winning run of the night.  

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Brett Favre -- Green Bay & America's Favorite Washed-Up Lovable Loser posted on 06/09/2009

Today wasn’t anything particularly special.  I woke up at 8:00a.m., a full hour after my alarm went off, not awesome.  Turned on the TV to see more Brett Favre.  His face, his grizzle and red jersey.  It seems that all the footage of Brett playing in Packer colors has been wiped off the face of the earth.  

ESPN only shows his New York Jets attire.  Which is accurate of Brett Favre but, I don’t like or respect Favre because of his last outing in the NFL.  I respect him because of his years in Green Bay.  The city of Green Bay that without Football, would be valued at about 25 cents.  Brett Favre though makes that city something of an icon.  An icon for what America could turn into if we follow tired and old tactics.  

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